Vision & Process


We are committed to providing you with the perfect jewellery for that special event or outfit. We keep our processes simple but never stray from our goals to remain a top provider of jewellery.

We provide affordable yet luxurious gemstone jewellery, through a wide range of colours and styles. We want to provide that perfect accessory for all occasions, be it a lavish wedding, a festive dinner, a casual lunch or a daily office outfit. We cater to all communities… from traditional designs to simple, contemporary designs for every woman from all walks of life. We provide high quality, unique pieces that are sure to add vibrancy into your every day life.


The ARKO Process of Creating that One-of-a-Kind Piece

Step 1: Various semi precious and precious gemstones are selected after a thorough quality check from our in house gemologist.

Step 2: The gemstones are categorised according to its size and shape.

Step 3: The next step is to decide whether the piece would look good in necklace, bracelet, ring or a pair of earrings.

Step 4: After deciding on the stone and the kind of jewellery that it will be made into, the design process begins.

Step 5: We select and cleverly mix various stones, glass pieces and metals together to create a unique accessory.

Step 6: We handover a detailed design to our skilled craftsmen.

Step 7: The team of trained craftsmen will then create each piece by hand.

Step 8: Quality check of the entire piece that includes its stringing, polish and locks.

Step 9: We deliver our unique pieces to our customers and ensure that the right piece goes to the right person, and they are happy with their purchase.

All items comes packed in our signature wooden boxes or our signature fabric pouches which is ideal for gifting too.